"For this cause I am willing to die. But, my friends, there is no cause for which I am willing to kill." Topic: South African Pass Laws

How did thought and belief influence South African history at the turn of the 20th century?  We watched this scene from the 1982 movie Gandhi, and identified thoughts expressed by the audience, and by Gandhi.  We’re seeing how thought shapes action and the unfolding of history.  Thought influencing action is a fundamental form of cause and effect, which is a state standard, and so through curriculum we’re exploring how thought motivated (and justified) imperialism, and the non-violence movement.  In this scene Gandhi is leading a meeting about new British “Pass Laws” which required Indians to be fingerprinted (unlike Europeans), carry identification passes, and did not legally recognize Hindu or Muslim marriages.  We identified some of the audience’s thoughts, and Gandhi’s thoughts, which you can see below in student work examples.

Questions 14 especially focuses on identifying thoughts expressed in this scene (Click to enlarge).