Camp for The Work!

Know any high school kids who want to find more freedom, clarity and peacefulness in their lives? Please invite them to join us at the Camp for The Work of Byron Katie.

When: Stay Tuned!
Where:  Denver metro area + ?? (stay tuned)

At this life-changing camp, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify and question the thoughts that cause stress and anger – in relevant, creative and experiential ways
  • Increase their resiliency and ability to think and see multiple perspectives
  • Develop and enhance natural self-confidence and self-acceptance, and extend confidence, empathy, and acceptance to others

By introducing The Work to Teens, we will be giving them tools they can use the rest of their lives that will help them tap into their inner wisdom – wisdom that is within each of us.

To register, contact us at 720-432-8063. More information can be found at