What Does TTPI’s Work Look Like in a Classroom?

 The Thinking Project Institue focuses on bringing thought-based SEL into schools. Below is the approach we use while we are working with schools. This page is being updated, so please check back soon for more information.

Classroom Management

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Academic Integration

What thoughts convince humans to exploit other humans?  In what ways were Gandhi, King and Mandela thinking differently than Hitler and Stalin?

The Thinking Project Institute helps students and educators study ways that thoughts influence decisions and actions of the past and present.  Thinking is the underlying cause of much of the political, economic, social, environmental, and technological landscapes we live in.  Can we better understand the past and present by understanding the underlying thoughts we believe?

We develop units, note catchers, sentence structures, activities, graphic organizers, projects and more that allow educators and students to identify and question thoughts.  The photo gallery demonstrates examples of what this work can look like in a classroom.





Building Classroom Culture

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