The Work Video Project

These videos were our first big project this year (Stupeflix is an AWESOME and affordable video-making platform, by the way.  They have deals for teachers).  After learning about The Work during a Development unit, students pinpointed a stressful situation from their own lives.  Then they identified a negative thought they were believing in that situation.  They took their stressful thought through The Work, and created these videos.  Get ready to be inspired!  And if you're new to The Work, their videos will demonstrate the questions and turnaround in action.

The Work on "I'll never adjust to this change"

The Work on “I’ll never adjust to this change” about when she moved from the country to the city.

The Work on "I'm Ugly"

She struggles with body image and she explores the idea of who she is without her negative thoughts.

The Work on "I'll never be able to dance again"

She dislocated her knee twice, and began believing “I’ll never be able to dance again.”  But… is that really true? 

The Work on ""I will never overcome my anxiety and depression." 

She lived with anxiety and depression since she was 7. She starts to believe that she will never overcome her anxiety and depression until she begins to question that thought.

The Work on "I'm Not Good Enough"

When it comes to soccer and school sometimes she thinks she’s not good enough.  And so she questions…

The Work on "My family should not be separating"

She feels that her aunts, uncles and cousins are started to slip away. As she questions her thoughts she starts to treasure the ones that are still close.

The Work on "There is no one to help me"

This girl started to believe that there is no one to help her. But when she asked if that was really true, she found that her thoughts of no one if here to help me kept her from getting help.

The Work on "I can't move on"

Her boyfriend got cancer and died freshman year of high school.  Even in the midst of such difficulty, she begins understanding herself, and honoring Mark – her boyfriend.

The Work on "I can't continue drawing"

When her teacher got angry that she’d stayed after class to help her art teacher, she began thinking “I can’t continue drawing.”  All pictures in the video are hand drawn. 

The Work on "I'll never join a club ever again"

He had a negative experience when he joined the Denver Police Explorers club in 8th grade, and he’s questioning his negative thought now.

The Work on "He should think about how I feel."

When this person believed that he should think about how I feel, she found that when she did not believe that thought how she missed perspectives when she did.

The Work on "I will never trust a guy again"

When she believed this thought she was closed off trustworthy relationships. But when she didn't she realized how many guys there were worth trusting.

The Work on "I'm alone"

Her father died and then her mother tried to commit suicide.  The experience shook her world, and in he video she questions the thought, “I’m alone.”

The Work on "I'll never conquer my broken dreams"

This girl was not called back for an audition and she started to believe that she would never conquer her broken dreams. But after starting to question that thought she now sees how her negative thoughts were the ones that changed her not getting a call back.

The Work on "I can't move on"

Her best friend committed suicide.  Making this video brought her some degree of peace.  Before she couldn’t think of her friend without crying, now she can think of her with a feeling of peace.

The Work on "I shouldn't be alive anymore"

He was bullied in middle school, and began struggling with self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and depression.  What courage it took to make this video and speak up.  What a tribute to his friends, his girlfriend, and his own worth.

The Work on "My anxiety will hold me back"

Just recently he began to experience anxiety… so much anxiety that it required a trip to the hospital.  Watch as he questions his belief that anxiety will hold him back.

The Work on "I'll never get my grades up"

A common issue with many students, check out her video about her procrastination. 

The Work on "I'm a mess up"

He was expelled from school in 8th grade, and began believing he was a mess up.  Check out his video questioning that thought.