What is Inquiry (ISBR)?

Inquiry is a way of identifying and questioning thoughts that cause stress, fear, anger, and violence.  In any stressful situation (personally or historically) you can identify the thoughts being believed, and then question them in order to discover new options and perspectives.

For example, lets say a student (or students) get off task during class.  I look at them, and think... "They don't care!"

If I fully believe the thought "They don't care!" is true, my story continues... "They're never on task!" "They're ruining their lives!" "They should be grateful!"  But I have another option: I can question the thought.

Questions 1 & 2

1.  Is the thought true?

2.  Can I absolutely know the thought is true (100%)?

Is it really true that "They don't care"?  Can I absolutely know that for certain?

Question 3

3.  How do I react when I think that thought?

As I believe the thought "They don't care!" I feel angry, powerless, helpless, hopeless, and resentful, and I communicate that to the student through my words, actions, and attitude towards them.  I complain and I also blame myself.  I feel disheartened by my job and at the state of education.

Question 4

4.  Who would I be without that thought?

If I look at the off-task student without believing "They don't care!" I'm more curious, and have an open-minded attitude.  I ask them why they aren't doing their work and I listen to their answer.  I might find new ways to work with them.  

The Turnarounds

Turnaround to the Opposite

They don't care turns around to They do care.  What are genuine ways they do care?  I might even ask them.

Turnaround to the Other

They don't care turns around to I don't care (about them).  In the moment I believe they don't care and start feeling angry and treating them out of my anger... how am I not caring about them?  

Turnaround to Yourself

They don't care turns around to I don't care (about myself).  In the moment I believe they don't care, how am I not caring about myself?  Am I living in much more negativity or fear than I need to be?

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