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Ahh! I have a presentation
(or something else stressful)

A reflection worksheet for noticing thoughts, feelings and new possibilities when stressed

I had multiple kids come to me the day after saying thank you, thank you for getting their minds right. Mindset is so important. 

- Molly, Middle School Spanish Teacher

PURPOSE: To support students who are struggling with their thoughts and feelings about an upcoming presentation or other performance task.

WHEN TO USE: Use with students who are struggling with feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed with presenting. If your whole class is struggling, use it as a class. If some of your students are struggling, just use it with those students.

Variations of this reflection worksheet can can also be used for students who are feeling anxious about a deadline or some other performance task. (See "Adaptations")


  • Self-awareness 
    (metacognition, emotional awareness)

  • Self-management (stress-management, motivation)

  • Growth mindset

  • Communication skills


4th-12th and beyond




< 5 minutes


5-20 minutes 

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