Data & Testimonials


 “I often use Thinking Project curriculum skills and language.”


The Thinking Project's curriculum and program is effective - highly effective.


in student perception of their ability to accomplish the things they try.


“Some or many students use Thinking Project curriculum skills and language independently.”


in student ability to work with someone who has different opinions.

This is the most comprehensive SEL curriculum I’ve seen.

- Middle School Counselor

The Thinking Project’s initial data was gathered during the 2018-2019 school year from a mid-western, K-8, Title One public school with a majority population (75%+) identifying as Hispanic/Latino, 73% qualified for Free/Reduced Lunch, with a total student population of approximately 800.

Eight questions from the Emotional Awareness Questionnaire were used. The questionnaire, from Leiden University, is 30 questions long and we selected eight questions to measure the impact The Thinking Project’s program had on students’ emotional and self awareness. The Secondary RYDM Internal Assessment EFA was used in sixth grade only. This resiliency survey, from the U.S. Department of Education, contains 18 questions and was used in its entirety.


The data cited above is a summary of findings from this school of: elementary students (3rd grade, 51 students), middle school students (6th grade, 122 students) and educator perception (3rd and 6th grades).