About The Thinking Project Institute

Using The Work of Byron Katie, we work with teachers and schools in lower income communities to question fixed-mindset thinking, and to build vibrant, open-minded learning communities.

With a foundation in The Work, The Thinking Project Institute camps and classrooms develop an awareness of thought.  Students explore the thinking underlying human history and interactions, and the choices and decisions people make every day.  Students learn to identify and question thoughts that cause suffering in themselves, others and the world.  They also learn to see situations through multiple perspectives, and engage with their inner and outer worlds with more honesty and resilience.

Questioning one-dimensional thinking is a way to nurture democratic citizenship and tolerance in classrooms and society.  We're committed to working with teachers and students to question the thoughts that blocks us from living more peaceful, just, and humane lives - both inwardly and outwardly.  We are committed to equity, open-mindedness, and we champion children and educators.  We seek to build sustainable, strong relationships with teachers and schools.  We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Directors!

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Rachel Pickett

Founder, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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Welcome!  This is my 7th year teaching Social Studies at Thornton High School near Denver, Colorado, and I work, together with Linda, to design and run Camps for The Work and build The Thinking Project and The Thinking Project Institute.  I discovered The Work in 2002, and it radically changed my life for the better.  I'd never learned what a thought was, or how to identify and question my thoughts.  I just believed thoughts when I got stressed about something.  The Work changed this; I learned that I can put my thoughts down on paper and question them.  I learned that often what I'm assuming isn't the truth or isn't the full story.  A few years after discovering The Work I was standing in a grocery store check out line, and thought "I should have learned this (The Work) in school."  My mind quickly turned this thought around to "I should bring this to schools," and this turnaround propelled my application to teacher preparation programs, my journey as a new teacher, and it remains at the heart of my purpose as a teacher to this day.  Two years ago, I met Linda.  Linda is an Adams 12 parent, and had been wondering for years about how to bring The Work to kids.  We met for coffee one winter day in 2014, and decided to design a pilot Summer Camp for The Work.  Our pilot camp was last summer, and since then we have run four more camps, including two all day camps at STEM Launch -- one for their 6th grade, and one for their 7th grade.  We have worked with their staff as well, and have begun developing a teacher training program.  

I’m passionate about building creative, thoughtful curriculum, and interweaving classroom management and curricular content with The Work.  As a teacher, I'm striving to design classrooms where multiple perspectives are valued, where learning is relevant to the lives we lead, and where students develop ways of thinking that support them in leading positive, thoughtful, creative, contributing lives.  It is often a prototyping and innovating classroom :)  With The Thinking Project Institute, Linda and I are beginning to build relationships with teachers, schools, communities, and organizations to offer Camps and develop whole school learning cultures of inquiry, kindness and (more) accurate thinking.  We want every child to have the opportunity to think open-mindedly, to learn how to question stressful and limiting thoughts.  I hold a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver and am a Certified Facilitator of The Work.  

I'd love to connect, so please feel free to email :)

Contact Rachel at rachel@thethinkingproject.org or  rachel.w.pickett@adams12.org

Linda Dellett

Co-founder, Directory of Strategy and Development

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My life changed forever when I discovered the Work of Byron Katie in 2009. Her simple approach of 'four questions and a turn around' continually transforms my thinking, and I've witnessed the tremendously positive impact The Work has brought to my children. This experience ignites my passion to bring The Work to children of all ages through programs, camps and educational curriculum.  As my 11-year old daughter (now 14) expressed, "Kids need to know The Work, otherwise we'll spend years believing things that aren't true and suffering when we don't have to!"  I agree, which is why I'm excited to be working with Rachel to bring The Work to kids with our Summer Camp and The Work in Education programs. 

I'm a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and have completed a minimum of 500 credit hours. I host local Meetup groups to do The Work and  offer private facilitation sessions.  In addition, I co-own a thriving public relations and investor relations consulting company, which has been in business for eleven years. Prior to that, I held leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, including American Airlines, Tele-Communication, Inc. (TCI) and Corporate Express, Inc.  

Contact Linda at linda@thethinkingproject.org

Kate Dellett

Intern of Technology and Creativity

Every since I was young, my mother has found a way to insert The Work into my life's little moments. (I am that 11 year-old girl that Linda talks about in her bio.) I have been to Austin with my mom and I have been to Los Angeles to present at the Institute for The Work (ITW) Conference. I have been to every camp that The Thinking Project has hosted. Since The Thinking Project Institute's earliest days, I have been working with my mother and Rachel to develop presentations, create camp materials, design curriculum and be all around AWESOME! 

Like my mother, I firmly believe that kids can benefit from The Work. It gives us the tools to do anything in life. In 5th grade, my friends and I went through the drama stage and it was very tiring. We were constantly making decisions that caused more chaos in our lives. We would all be in a fight for what seemed like months just because one of us got another one out in a game of 4-Square. We spent the entire year obsessing over little things, which made our lives horrible. But now, as I look back, I realize how less stressful 5th grade would have been if we simply brought The Work into our lives. My friends and I attended The Thinking Project Institute's Fall Workshop in November 2014 and since then we have barely had any drama. I hope that teens who have a tough time in school and at home can find the same peace that my friends and I have found.

Over time, I hope we can bring The Work to kids through schools and our camps. I hope that one day all kids can use the tools of The Work to really enjoy and seek the wonders of their own life. I hope that one day we will be able to partner with schools around the world as well as many communities. 

I am currently a 9th grader in Colorado. I love to read and write. I plan to pursue a career as an author and am finishing up the edits on my first novel, which is about bullying and soon will be published!

Contact Kate at kate@thethinkingproject.org or check out her website at www.allythebrave.com

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