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Rachel Pickett had the thought, "I should have learned Inquiry in school." This thought became her life's work and resulted in the founding of The Thinking Project, a 501c3 non-profit!

It is a well-established fact that learning and creativity are almost impossible to access if students (and adults) are suffering under the weight of insecurity, stress, anxiety, or depression.  All of these states place our minds in survival mode - closed off and filled with stress hormones.  We support our youth to cultivate happiness, creativity, and curiosity.  These are natural states of mind when we have the tools to manage life's challenges.

The Thinking Project supports schools, home-school groups, and after-school programs to train their educators to deliver our curriculum.  We have partnerships in the United States, Zimbabwe, and Ireland.  If you would like to connect us with a group or school, we would be happy to offer an introductory presentation.

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