Adolescent Curriculum

Inquiry Tool

(current tool includes: finding your situation, IBSR Questions 1-4, the Turnaround to the Self)

Lesson One:

The Feelings Dictionary

Lesson Two:

Body Sensations and Emotional Intensity

Lesson Three:

Reaction v. Response

Lesson Four:
Perception v. Reality
Lesson Five:
Identifying a Time You Had a Stressful Thought
Lesson Six:
The Potato Perspective / Can I Know My Thought is True?
Lesson Seven:
How Do I React When I Believe the Stressful Thought? What Would Be Different Without the Thought? 
Lesson Eight:
Possibilities: Turnaround to the Self

No personally identifiable information is collected or recorded by use of these lessons

Lesson Nine:
Possibilities: Turnaround to the Other