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  • Byron Katie International

  • Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell

  • The Work Foundation

  • The Leonard C. & Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation

Rachel Pickett and Linda Dellett founded TTPI in 2016 and served jointly until July 2018, when Linda moved on from her position. Linda’s work and contributions are appreciated and honored, as are those of her daughter, Kate Dellett, and son, Eric Dellett.


  • Adam & Melony Lewis

  • The Aspen Community Foundation

  • Malcolm Wheeler

  • Fred and Dinah Lovitch

  • Terry Pickett

  • Michal Bortnik


The many volunteers and donors who give their time, funds and efforts. You are all deeply appreciated.




Byron Katie & Stephen Mitchell


Byron Katie International


Adam & Melony Lewis


  • The Shepard Broad Foundation

  • The Katz Family Foundation

  • Michal & Vlada Bortnik

  • Malcolm & Donna Wheeler

  • Benjamin Schmidt at The Academy of Life

  • Terry Pickett

  • Mindy Montgomery

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