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Welcome to the work of

The Thinking Project for Adolescents.

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During this time of unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty at home and at school, our children and young people need resilience and coping skills now more than ever. The Thinking Project is here to help.

Through engaging lessons, activities and projects, our program supports adolescents to develop the following skills:



Students strengthen their ability to recognize their emotions and practice mindfulness.



Students learn to identify and question thoughts causing them stress and difficulty.



Using critical thinking skills, students engage creatively with each other and the world around them.

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Training at YOUR Pace

Flexible scheduling for face to face and online trainings.


Personalized Support

We are available to support your site’s implementation beyond trainings.


Lesson Plans and Materials at your Fingertips

All online and downloadable, anytime.

Available in English AND Spanish!

Our flexible curriculum allows you to tailor activities to the interests of your students.

Go as deeply as you like before moving on to the next unit.

Using Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR), a proven method for reducing stress, we work with students, teachers and families through engaging lessons, activities and projects that support:

• Mindfulness
• Compassionate Leadership
• Equity
• Growth Mindset
• Social-Emotional Skill 

• Self-Awareness
• Stress Management
• Empathy
• Communication and Awareness of Others

• Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking

Adolescent Program Pricing (grades 6-9)

$495 per user

Contact us for bundle pricing or for financial assistance.

  • All instructors receive full access to training, personalized support, lesson plans and material downloads. If you’d like to purchase pre-printed materials, please contact us for a quote.

  • Bundle pricing available for 3 or more sites.

  • Pricing is the same for both the English or Spanish version of the program; however, the training is currently available in English only.

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